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Young Israel of St. Louis is an Orthodox synagogue affiliated with the National Council of Young Israel that provides religious services and Torah study for its members. Its Women’s Division organizes a variety of social and learning activities and is involved in many charitable causes. Guest speakers, classes in a wide range of Jewish subjects and lecture series are open to the entire community. The synagogue has an active chesed committee, which helps people who require any assistance.

Our 160 member families have actively led and participated in many Jewish communal and educational institutions including the Jewish Federation, the JCC, the Jewish Center for the Aged, the Vaad Hoeir, Covenant House, St. Louis Hillel at Washington University, Torah Mitzion Kollel, Block Yeshiva High School and the Epstein Hebrew Academy. Two of its members have been president of the Jewish Federation of Saint Louis. The Community Initiative to Strengthen Families brings speakers and organizes programs to promote shalom bayit. The State of Israel figures proudly in synagogue programs, run in conjunction with the Kollel Torah MiTzion.

Activities for Young Israel youth include Shabbat groups for children, a teen minyan, an innovative Bat Mitzvah program, Sunday morning Derech Eretz clubs and the city wide Junior and Senior NCSY.

Our address

8101 Delmar Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63130
(314) 727-1880