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The goal of our Early Childhood Program is to help every child gain a sense of self, a sense of being a part of the Jewish People, a love for Torah, and the characteristics of a self-initiated lifelong learner. To accomplish this aim, we have developed a unique program called Mentch in the Making that is research based and scaffolded so that children enter Kindergarten with critical skills in all developmental areas, from academic to emotional to social.

The Torah Prep Early Childhood environment is modeled after the healthy family, where every member is cherished and expected to contribute. Throughout each school day, there are a myriad of opportunities for the children, with the support of their Morah, to make decisions, take initiative, problem solve, and collaborate with their peers. Our program is built around the premise that play is the work of children. By observing our young students “at work” — whether at the crafts table, on the playground, or in the reading center — our teachers can glean volumes about the child’s skill level across many developmental areas. At Torah Prep, no year is the same: our teachers are always responding to the particular needs of their students, both as individuals and as a group. The passion that our exemplary teachers exude is contagious, and is usually the first thing visitors notice when they tour our school.

Contact: Mrs. Chanie Wasser, Director

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