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Neve Shalom is a Jewish Renewal congregation founded in 1989 in St. Louis.  We are multi-denominational, combining the best resources of all traditions within Judaism.  We believe in living in the whole house.

Neve ShalomNeve takes an imaginative approach to traditional sources.  We stress creativity, individually designed learning opportunities at all levels, a devotion to Hebrew and other Jewish languages, spirit, independent thinking, familiarity with traditional texts, inclusion and dialogue.  We teach and inspire through the many Jewish arts that we practice in our sacred space.  Study at Neve is arranged both formally & informally.  Adult Torah study is held weekly throughout the year.  Religious school meets on Saturday mornings and serves students between K-12 grades.  The interests of the congregation drive additional teaching throughout the year.

Services are held Friday nights and Saturday mornings.  Torah study precedes Saturday morning worship.  Our Shabbat services are informal, full of warmth, music and spirituality, while grounded in tradition.  Our prayer style is soulful; both adults and children appreciate the care we have applied to our liturgy and practice.  We are inclusive, everyone is welcome to join us for services and to study torah.  Membership is encouraged but not required.  Dress for services is casual but we take our teachings very seriously.

We also teach and practice what we call the inner practices of Judaism, such as meditation, chant, sacred story and sacred music.  Neve Shalom sponsors art exhibitions for individuals who may not have any other space to show their work.  We provide a showcase for poets to offer readings and feature monthly concerts of spiritual music.  These concerts called, “Jacob’s Pillow” are most often on Saturday nights and feature music, songs, story telling as well as a havdalah service.

Once a month a support group, “Shalvah,” for people struggling with addiction is held at the synagogue.

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#6 Millstone Campus Dr., Ste 3050 St. Louis, MO 63146
(314) 863-4366