B’nai B’rith St. Louis Missouri Lodge

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B’nai  B’rith St. Louis Missouri Lodge, consists of  all of the lodges that once existed in the St. Louis Area. Last year the lodge also merged with the Al Fleishman Institute of Judaism to form a larger stronger B’nai B’rith Missouri lodge.

In 2012 we had four quarterly dinner meetings with great speakers or entertainers. In July we honored Tommy Goldenberg. Tommy turned 90 years old and is a hugely beloved member of the entire St. Louis Jewish community. More than 350 people came to dinner and a fantastic musical show. Tommy is a musician, more than a dozen artists who performed with him over 60 years paid tribute to him by singing his favorite tunes. The show part of the event was produced by Irene Fox, another fantastic part of the Jewish community here in St. Louis.

Our address

2 Millstone Campus Drive St. Louis, MO 63146