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Yeshivat Kadimah High School

Yeshivat Kadimah High School is an Orthodox Yeshiva High School that is reinventing the classroom with a 21st century approach to Jewish education. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Yeshivat Kadimah’s highly individualized program incorporates traditional and interactive resources, enriched by real world experiences outside the classroom.

Established in June 2013, our school is the result of many community members’ generosity and their shared vision. Its family feel makes it more than just a place to learn; it provides a warm and encouraging environment for all of its students to grow and develop emotionally, academically and spiritually. It shares the strongest Jewish values, supported by the best of the academic world and modern technology. Kadimah is constantly moving forward in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world.

Our rigorous, college preparatory program emphasizes excellence in both general and Judaic studies, while the supportive and nurturing atmosphere fosters both personal and intellectual development. Kadimah seeks to spark in our students a love for the study of Torah and the practice of Judaism, and to provide them with the tools and inspiration for life-long learning along with a deep devotion to both the Jewish People (עם ישראל) and the State of Israel (מדינת ישראל).

  • Kadimah means “forward.”  Though rooted in tradition, Yeshivat Kadimah utilizes innovative techniques and technologies to reinvent the Orthodox Jewish classroom.
  • Hebrew language is a strong component of the curriculum, reflecting its importance both as a vehicle to understanding classic Jewish texts, as well as recognizing its unique role in the revitalization of the modern State of Israel.
  • Yeshivat Kadimah strives to successfully develop outstanding Bnei and Bnot Torah who live full, meaningful, and productive Jewish lives.
  • Open to the entire community, Yeshivat Kadimah is devoted to Ahavat Yisrael, love for all Jews, and emphasizes respect for one another.

Our experienced faculty and staff are committed to each student, and to personalizing the Kadimah experience so that each of them receives, and contributes, according to their personal goals and talents. Our “Friday Experiences” ensure the real-life connection of studies to the community, and ground our studies in action.

Yeshivat Kadimah High School students are committed to their Judaism and to each other; they are students who are inspired, and who inspire.

H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy

The H. F. Epstein Hebrew Academy is a child-centered Orthodox Jewish preschool and day school, dedicated to educating Jewish children in Torah and general studies and nurturing children’s love for Israel and the Jewish people. Our Early Childhood division is a Reggio Emilia-inspired “hands-on” educational center, driven by student-led learning. Together we focus on emergent-literacy & writing, Torah & brachot, science & nature – taught through experiential activities driven by natural curiosity.

Contact: Rabbi Yaakov Green, Head of School



Torah MiTzion Kollel

Through their dedicated Israeli shlichim, the St. Louis Torah MiTzion Kollel promotes the ideals of Torat Israel, Am Israel and Eretz Israel. Together with members of the community, these shlichim provide educational activities in schools and synagogues that aim to strengthen Zionism, Jewish identity and Torah knowledge in all sectors of the Jewish community.


The St. Louis Israel Connection (SLIC)’s mission is to foster a connection to Israel among young Jewish adults and to empower them to advocate on behalf of Israel in the Jewish and St. Louis community. SLIC provides a range of Israel-related programs planned by and designed for people in their 20’s and 30’s.


JGrads is an organization dedicated to serving Jewish graduate students, professional students and recent graduates who reside in the St. Louis area. They build community through career-networking, happy hours, holiday celebrations, Jewish learning, service projects, Shabbat dinners, and speakers. JGrads is a division of Chabad on Campus serving Washington University in St. Louis.

Q Jews

Q Jews, a community for anyone identifying as Jewish and on the spectrum of LGBTQ, is a social group and also a social justice group—a mix between the two. A civil-partnership if you will. QJews participants aim to have fun together while reminding everyone that they are here.

United Hebrew Cemetery

United Hebrew Cemetery has served the St. Louis Jewish community for more than 170 years.  Established in 1840 as the first Jewish cemetery in the City of St. Louis, it moved to its current location at the corner of North and South Road and Canton Avenue in 1866 when it was initially surrounded by farmland.  With generations of rabbis, congregants and members of the St. Louis Jewish community resting here, United Hebrew Congregation has a genuine sense of pride and commitment to its historic cemetery.

  • Situated on 20 acres of land in University City, the cemetery is centrally located with easy access to most city and nearby suburban population centers.
  • Jewish and non-Jewish family members may be buried next to one another in all areas of the cemetery.
  • Individuals and families may choose traditional burial or interment of cremated remains
  • Burial plots are available to both members and non-members of United Hebrew Congregation.

Jewish Family & Children's Service

For generations, Jewish Family & Children’s Service has offered compassionate support and practical solutions to help people in our community navigate life’s challenges. JF&CS and its licensed professional staff assist the elderly, protect children at risk, provide food and services for the needy, resolve family problems and enhance Jewish connections.

We offer a comprehensive and collaborative approach to social services. In this way, we ensure that children, adolescents, couples, families and seniors receive the skilled professional counseling and services they need to improve the quality of their lives.

Whether the challenge is one associated with aging or loss, the unexpected crisis, mental health problems, unemployment, hunger, academic issues, homelessness or lifecycle transitions, we treat our clients with confidentiality and respect for their dignity and privacy.

We serve those in need regardless of age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

Our Mission

Inspired by Jewish tradition, JF&CS provides quality social services to the Jewish and general communities, empowering people in need to meet the challenges of daily living.

Chabad on Campus - Rohr Center for Jewish Life

Chabad is a hub for Jewish life that provides accessible and meaningful Jewish experiences to meet the social, educational and spiritual needs of campus communities in St. Louis. Our programs include family-style Shabbat dinners, educational classes and even cooking demonstrations! Services include religious counseling, guidance and referral. We have also facilitated Taglit-Birthright Israel trips for over 720 area students. Jewish students of all affiliations and levels of observance are welcome to participate.